Wednesday, January 5, 2011

QuicKutz Club 2011 - paper listing

As promised (but later than expected - it's been traumatic at my house! and it's all my fault...) here is the listing of paper and months if you are so inclined as to put your dates on the calendar pages...

February - Stilleto
March - Leafy
April - Bubble
May - Candy
June - Loyal
July - Powder
August - Daisy
September - Citrus
October - Inkjet
November - Coffee
December - Poppy

So now to the trauma - as I said it's all my fault. I trusted sweet husband to throw out some trash. He was just a bit overzealous.. he threw out a bag with a paper piercer, a snowflake punch, the tag punch, the stamping block and two of the clear snowflake stamps and a small wooden snowflake stamp. I'm guessing there might have been some inkpads in there and who knows what else. And since I didn't throw a hissy, I calmly said to the sweet husband last night, that this was all my fault because I trusted him... we went to replace the items.. the two snowflake stamps were in a set and that was easily found - whew. Found a snowflake punch, but it's not exactly the same and I have to wait to use my 50% off at Michael's - and double check the size - I might have found a substitute tag punch. -----As I said--------my fault. Do not let a man do a woman's job (just kidding- no offense meant) or better do not let my husband do something I should have done in the first place!! LOL The good news in all of this is that I had put up a whole boatload of dies that were in that bag! And the companion page to the calendar is completed!! Now on to February's calendar page.. Wow this is confusing!! What do you think?

Be sure to check out Creative Journeys for a chance to win a set of monogrammed linen napkins, if you are so inclined!! But you have to leave a comment HERE to be entered, and to follow! ;-)


Carolyn said...

You did well not to throw a hissy! I am glad you were able to replace them.
Thank you for visiting me today,


Dianne said...

I did exactly the same thing, only with all my summer sandals. Put them in a trash bag to go up in the attic and out they all went! I assumed they were in the attic till the next summer, when I asked for them to be brought down and they were GONE!